You Never Know!

You Never Know!

I was speaking to an acquaintance who seemed to have the perfect life. I’d often thought, “I wished I was as together as she was.” From the outside, she seemed to have an intriguing profession, a fun social life and financial security.

As I got to know her, she revealed she was lonely, and had huge financial and physical issues. I had judged her on her bubbly personality and her appearance.

Once I got her real story, I realized how blessed I was. We never know what someone’s real life is like. We only know what they show us.

The next time you wish you had someone else’s life, stop and count your own blessings.

You have more than you think!


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1 thought on “You Never Know!”

  1. Adrienne Glover says:

    This was worth the wait! Amen

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