Self-Trust Workshop

This 90-minute workshop guides participants to trust their inner voices. We will review times when we made the best and worst choices in our lives. Did we listen to the small, still voice in our minds or did we ignore our gut feelings? Learn how to trust and follow your inner guidance.

We will use a blend of meditation, visualization, writing and open discussion, and an exercise to gently guide participants to find their best paths in life. Attendees will learn how to trust their inner voices to help them actualize their dreams.

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Mind Games Workshop

Attendees will participate in a series of interactive, fun, esteem-building exercises. This workshop will raise participants’ self-esteem as they begin to recognize their best traits and help other attendees to do the same. Session includes a giveaway that will be created by the participants during the workshop.

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Soulful Meditations: The Beginnings of Peace Workshops

This workshop provides participants with an overall picture of meditation and its benefits, followed by practice of meditation techniques. The participants will leave with a written guide so they may continue the practice on their own and a meditation giveaway.

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How to Destress Your Life!

Women instinctively put others first. It’s how we’re raised. It’s how we’re expected to be. After we take care for our families, work our jobs, and cook and clean, there’s little time left for ourselves. This workshop will give you the steps to put yourself first and get control of your life!

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The Kindness Connection!

World turmoil, social injustices, politics and mean people can leave you with a sick, cold feeling. We can easily become overwhelmed by the events surrounding us. Rather than withdrawing from the world, counter its destructive influences with kindness and compassion. You have the power to reverse some of the anger in this world and bring us closer together. In this workshop, you will learn how to influence the people around you and create a ripple effect of love and compassion.


Healing Words Workshops

Healing Words is a writing workshop which helps victims of domestic abuse, recovering alcoholics and addicts, and people going through the grief process to heal their emotional pains through the art of writing.

WORKSHOP SYNOPSIS: These workshops will guide participants through a series of writing exercises that seek to heal by expressing and releasing emotions relating to issues, such as hurt, forgiveness, self-esteem, relationships, gratitude, goals and dreams. This creative process creates a supportive bond between participants.

Each workshop takes the participant to a new level of self-confidence, culminating in the final workshop where they set goals to move forward in their lives and become whole again.

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Give Yourself Credit!

Life can be rough when you have no credit. Buying a car or renting a home can be almost impossible when you have poor or no credit history. Learn the step by step method to progress from no credit to good credit.
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Budget Building Basics!

Do you know how to prepare a household budget? Learn the ABCs of building a budget so you to have control over your money, financial well-being and your peace of mind.

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“It was a pleasure having Gioya McRae of Mochamind Communications, facilitate our Workshops. The exercises help our S.O.F.I.A. Support Group members focus on positivity and self esteem after experiencing a traumatic Dating or Domestic Violence relationship. Our team focuses on “Healing through a Creative Process” in a non clinical way. We are looking forward to having Gioya return for her pleasing, emotional healing workshops!”

Cynthia Walker-Founder
Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates (S.O.F.I.A.)