What Stories Are In Your Head?

What Stories Are In Your Head?

Have you ever anticipated a bad situation that turned out to be good? For example, you think the next time you see your old boyfriend, you will have an argument. Then when you actually run into him, you’re glad to see him and feel nothing but friendship.

That’s because we build stories in our minds based on old emotions, self-doubt and fear.

Another example – You’re going on a job interview. You’ve already decided you won’t get the job. Then you’re surprised when they hire you. Your emotions were built from believing you’re not good enough.

How do you pull away from the fear and anxiety of future events? Face those situations without any expectations. We don’t know what other people are thinking. We don’t know how they may have changed since our last encounters. After all, haven’t you changed over the years?  

This doesn’t mean every situation will be positive, but we can lessen the stress of anticipation…the stories in our heads.

Face situations without expectations. You’ll be glad you did!

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