There’s No Reason to Be Bored!

There’s No Reason to Be Bored!

Are you bored? I hear many people say they don’t know what they’d do, if they retired. They’re afraid they would sit around twiddling their thumbs. If this sounds like you, it probably means you’re expending all your energy at work and none on your personal life.

If you think life is boring, think again. Here are some ways to find activities you’ll love.

  • ~What do you wish you could be doing while you’re at work? Would you rather be going to a movie, cooking a new recipe or gardening? Do it.
  • ~What new activity did you want to try, but never had the time? Now you can take music lessons, learn computer programming or go horseback riding.
  • ~If you still have no idea what to do with your time, look at your town’s event calendar. Most cities have loads of free events you can attend.

Any of these steps will give you a myriad of ways to spend your free time. Don’t wait until you retire. Start now!

You’ll be glad you did!

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