Self-Trust Workshop

This 90-minute workshop guides participants to trust their inner voices. We will review times when we made the best and worst choices in our lives. Did we listen to the small, still voice in our minds or did we ignore our gut feelings? Learn how to trust and follow your inner guidance.

We will use a blend of meditation, visualization, writing and open discussion, and an exercise to gently guide participants to find their best paths in life. Attendees will learn how to trust their inner voices to help them actualize their dreams.

Who should take these workshops? Women who…

  • Want to know how to make the best decisions for their futures
  • Want guidance to make major changes in their lives
  • Want to change the direction of their lives
  • Are in transition and unsure what to do with the next phase of their lives
  • Need to refocus their vision of their futures


Please contact us for rates and questions via email at or call Gioya McRae at 862.216.4025.