How to Destress Your Life!

Everyone has stress. We are constantly bombarded by stress from family demands, our jobs, social pressures and outside obligations.  Stress has been linked to physical disorders and depression. Learn the steps to relieve your stress and improve your outlook on life. 

This workshop includes such subjects as:

  • Healthy Stress vs. Harmful Stress
  • Eating for Stress Release
  • The Mind-Body Stress Connection

Who should take these workshops? Women who…

  • Need to reduce the stress in their daily lives
  • Want to recognize and eliminate their stress triggers
  • Desire to set boundaries that prevent stress
  • Want to adjust their attitude to reduce their stress

Suggested class size: maximum of twenty (20) participants

Workshop length: 90 minutes

I provide all materials. Participants will receive a free giveaway.

Please contact us for rates and questions via email at or call Gioya McRae at 862.216.4025.