Healing Words Workshops

Healing Words is a writing workshop which helps victims of domestic abuse, recovering Healing Handsalcoholics and addicts, and people going through the grief process to heal their emotional pains through the art of writing.

WORKSHOP SYNOPSIS: These workshops will guide participants through a series of writing exercises that seek to heal by expressing and releasing emotions relating to issues, such as hurt, forgiveness, self-esteem, relationships, gratitude, goals and dreams. This creative process creates a supportive bond between participants.

Each workshop takes the participant to a new level of self-confidence, culminating in the final workshop where they set goals to move forward in their lives and become whole again.

Workshops consist of a minimum of 4 sessions conducted weekly, monthly or quarterly. More sessions may be added upon request.

These workshops take place in four stages:

STAGE 1 – Cathartic Writing. This is the stage where the most pain is released, as participants write about their present situations, pains and resentments.


STAGE 2 – Forgiving. At this point the participants begin to forgive and let go.


STAGE 3 – Healing. Participants decide what good lives look like to them. They begin to form a new existence by use of visualization.


STAGE 4 – A New Path. Participants take their first steps into their new lives. They create solid plans of action to reach their desired lifestyles.


Please contact us for rates and questions via email at or call Gioya McRae at 862.216.4025.