Give Yourself Credit!

Life can be rough when you have no credit. Buying a car or renting a home can be almost impossible when you have poor or no credit history. Learn the step by step method to progress from no credit to good credit.

Workshop will include these subjects:
•    Your Credit Report/Credit Score
•    Obtaining a credit card
•    Working with a credit agency
•    Using credit responsibly
•    How to pay off debt

Who should take these workshops? Women who…

  • Want an understanding of how credit works
  • Need to start fresh or re-establish good credit
  • Need to dig their way out of debt

Suggested class size: maximum of twenty (20) participants

Workshop length: 90 minutes

I provide all materials. Participants will receive a free giveaway.

Please contact us for rates and questions via email at or call Gioya McRae at 862.216.4025.