I am excited to offer DreamBuilders Group Coaching!

  • Do you feel you deserve a richer life?
  • Are you asking yourself, “Is this all there is?”
  • Has boredom overtaken you?
  • Do you avoid taking action because you don’t know where to go from here?

Would you like to…

  • experience life to the fullest
  • find your best path and purpose for the future you deserve
  • learn to use your inner guidance to create your best future
  • reach dreams you thought were out of reach

DreamBuilders Group Coaching will…

  • guide you to use your inner power and step into your greatness
  • support you with a community of like-minded women
  • help you determine goals that resonate with you
  • co-create a step-by-step Action Plan with you to reach your goals

DreamBuilders Group Coaching guides you use your inner power to step into your greatness. You can find your best path and purpose for the future you deserve. The answers to the next steps in your journey are within you. Let’s unlock them together.

DreamBuilders Group Coaching is comprised of groups of up to five women who meet weekly online for 1 hour sessions in a 12 week program.

  • 5 client limit per program to ensure full participation time for all
  • Weekly 1 hour conference calls
  • Conference call replays will be made available for DreamBuilders members only.
  • Private Facebook page for DreamBuilders members only
  • Personalized weekly action items will be set to move each member toward her goals.

Program Phases

Weeks 1 – 4: GOING WITHIN

We will look within ourselves to make the inner changes necessary to make vital changes in our lives. You will determine what’s truly missing from your life and how you want to fill that void. These weeks set the foundation for you to mold a future based on your values and passions.


In these weeks, you will begin mapping your path to the life you truly want to live. You will learn how to make decisions that will create your best lifestyle. We will set goals and co-create a personalized Action Plan for you. You will see a clear path toward your dreams.

Weeks 9 – 12: MASSIVE ACTION

By this time, you will have clear, focused goals. You will begin to take the steps to solidify your fabulous future. You will learn to embrace change and make taking action second nature so you can keep your momentum going!

*All sessions are held via phone.

Your investment is $300 for the 12-week program, or $348 if paid in 3 monthly increments of $116.

Single Payment of $300 for (Dates TBD) program

3 Monthly Payments of $116 ($348 total) for (Dates TBD) program

Please check back for future group coaching dates or sign up for notifications here