DreamBuilders One-on-One

DreamBuilders One-on-One Coaching  takes the DreamBuilders program to an in-depth level.

Gioya McRae
  • The entire 12 weeks is tailored to your goals.
  • We will work specifically on your personal dreams.
  • Sessions are scheduled to a date and time that fits your schedule.


  • Weekly 1 hour conference calls via phone or Skype
  • Conference call replays will be made available to you.
  • Access to Private Facebook page for DreamBuilders members only
  • Personalized weekly action items will be set to move you goals.

Program Phases

Weeks 1 – 4: GOING WITHIN

We will look within ourselves to make the inner changes necessary to make vital changes in our lives. You will determine what’s truly missing from your life and how you want to fill that void. These weeks set the foundation for you to mold a future based on your values and passions.


In these weeks, you will begin mapping your path to the life you truly want to live. You will learn how to make decisions that will create your best lifestyle. We will set goals and co-create a personalized Action Plan for you. You will see a clear path toward your dreams.

Weeks 9 – 12: MASSIVE ACTION

By this time, you will have clear, focused goals. You will begin to take the steps to solidify your fabulous future. You will learn to embrace change and make taking action second nature so you can keep your momentum going!


Your investment is $600 for the 12-week program, or $696 if paid in 3 monthly increments of $232.

Single Payment of $600

3 Monthly Payments of $232