Ditch the Guilt!

Ditch the Guilt!

How often do you feel guilty about taking some “me” time? You want to sink into your couch with your Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and binge “Orange is the New Black.” The whole time you’re thinking, “I should be doing something productive.” Well, it’s time to ditch the guilt!

You’ve worked hard most of your life. Not just on your day job, but after hours, too. Take time to rejuvenate and replenish your mind and body. You’ll be surprised at how a few hours of down time will clear your mind and open your creativity. New possibilities will open up for you. Your energy will go up and your stress will go down.

It may take some practice, but start today. Take a few hours to do NOTHING. Try it again next week. Increase your down time each week until you find your sweet spot, the perfect amount of time you need to refresh. Then sit back and enjoy!

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