Budget Building Basics

Do you know how to prepare a household budget? Learn the ABCs of building a budget so you to have control over your money, financial well-being and your peace of mind.

Workshop will include these subjects:
•    Understanding the components of a budget
•    Banks vs Credit Unions
•    Income vs Expenses
•    How to track and prioritize your expenses
•    How to save money

Who should take these workshops? Women who…

  • Want to know how to build a budget that works
  • Want to save money for the future
  • Need to put their minds at ease about finances

Suggested class size: maximum of twenty (20) participants

Workshop length: 90 minutes

I provide all materials. Participants will receive a free giveaway.

Please contact us for rates and questions via email at or call Gioya McRae at 862.216.4025.