Growth Changes Relationships

Woman Freedom

Have you ever wondered why a relationship or friendship ended? Often, we spend time with people who we think will be in our lives forever, then they’re gone. Sometimes the end is abrupt, other times we just drift away.

Growth changes relationships.

One or both of you can grow and change in ways that take you down new paths. If your new outlooks complement each other, you can begin a new and beautiful journey together. If not, you may separate.

This process is natural. You may feel some sadness at the loss of a dear friend or lover, but appreciate the love you had. It was right for you at that time in your life. Move on with joy.

You’ll be glad you did!


Embrace the Journey

Woman Jogger

I’ve always been a big goal maker. I list my of goals and love checking them off as I accomplish them. Sometimes I’m so focused on my target, I forget to take joy in the journey.

My point is when you are racing to get something done, remember to take joy in the process.

If you’re baking, smell the sweetness of the batter. When you’re writing an article, enjoy your research. While you’re running a 5K race, remember to feel the breeze on your skin.

Take time to embrace your journey. You’ll be glad you did!


Quiet & Perception

Quiet Mind

Only in a quiet mind is…


Perform Random Kindnesses!

Kind Woman

How would the world change if we performed one act of kindness a day? You never know how a nice word or a kind gesture might change someone’s outlook or even the course of his life.

Have you ever walked down the street with your game face on? You know, the one that says, “don’t mess with me.” Everyone does it. But if you smile at an approaching person and greet them with a positive word, you’ll see them brighten and respond in kind.

Paying it forward is as easy as that!


Why Your High and Low Energy Times Are Crucial

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Are you at your best mid-mornings? Do you get sleepy in the afternoons? That’s because you have highs and lows in your energy at different times of the day.

Pay attention to what time of day you are most productive. Then work your energy levels to your advantage!

Schedule complicated tasks that take a lot of concentration for your high energy times. You’ll be able to ease right through them. Then when you are feeling lazy, do something that takes very little thought, something you can cruise through.

Prioritize your to do list based on when you are the most and least productive.

You’ll be glad you did!


Take Your Own Advice!

Woman with Mirror

I was talking with a friend about an issue in my life and she said, “The universe will give you what you need.” Her words surprised me because this is how I would advise someone else. Her kindness encouraged me, but also made me realize something. I should take my own advice.

We often comfort friends with uplifting guidance, but in our times of doubt, we feel lost. Take the time to listen to your own counsel. Stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself as if you are speaking to a loved one.

When you are feeling downhearted or are uncertain, think about what you’d tell a good friend. Then take that guidance. We often have the answers in our own hearts.

Listen to your inner voice and trust your own advice!


Rekindle Old Friendships!


As we age, we let go of old relationships. We lose track of old friends. Sometimes a dear friend will cross our mind, but we usually let the thought pass. What a shame!

I recently reached out to several people I haven’t seen in years. We reconnected over meals and had lots of laughs. My social calendar has exploded with fun experiences.

This is a great time to reach out to the people we miss. Make a date for lunch. Get together at a local event. Just go to the park and talk. The point is to rekindle old friendships.

You’ll be glad you did!