Fearlessly Be Yourself!

Fearlessly Be Yourself
There is only one YOU for all time. Fearlessly be yourself!

What Stories Are In Your Head?

Woman Imagination

Have you ever anticipated a bad situation that turned out to be good? For example, you think the next time you see your old boyfriend, you will have an argument. Then when you actually run into him, you’re glad to see him and feel nothing but friendship.

That’s because we build stories in our minds based on old emotions, self-doubt and fear.

Another example – You’re going on a job interview. You’ve already decided you won’t get the job. Then you’re surprised when they hire you. Your emotions were built from believing you’re not good enough.

How do you pull away from the fear and anxiety of future events? Face those situations without any expectations. We don’t know what other people are thinking. We don’t know how they may have changed since our last encounters. After all, haven’t you changed over the years?  

This doesn’t mean every situation will be positive, but we can lessen the stress of anticipation…the stories in our heads.

Face situations without expectations. You’ll be glad you did!


Perseverance Makes a Difference!

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A project I had created ten years ago recently came to fruition. Over the years, I had felt disappointment, frustration, sadness and anger over this broken dream, but I persevered. When the work was finally produced, I felt elation and pride.

When you have a dream, PERSEVERE! Goals have a way of working out at the right time in our lives.

The only way to lose a dream is to give up. So when you want to give up on your hopes, don’t. They may not come when you think they should, but they come when you need them the most.

Keep your dreams alive. Persevere!


Do You Exercise Your Brain?


Maturing does not mean you’ve hit a glass ceiling in learning! Pick up some non-fiction books you find interesting, look for puzzles that excite you (Sudoku is a good one), memorize a lengthy poem, or challenge yourself to learn three new words every week.

Staying sharp is part luck and part genetics, but just like a knife, you have some control over sharpening your own brain. The benefits are improved concentration and memory, and mental clarity which enhance our lives greatly. Mental push-ups will ensure success in all your endeavors.

Try it. You’ll be glad you did!

Motivation Retirement

Do You Procrastinate?


We tell ourselves we are thinking it over, when in truth, we are afraid to make a decision. Instead of procrastinating, choose a decision. Try it. If it doesn’t work, try another solution. If it works, hooray!

*Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 


Do You Have the Time?

Woman - Time

Have you ever said, “There are not enough hours in the day”? Sometimes we feel like that, but the truth is we have enough time to do whatever we want.

What’s the trick? Dump the waste!

How much time do you spend playing Words with Friends? (I’m totally guilty of this!) Is this more important than making your shopping list? How about the time you spend on Facebook? You can lose hours of your life there.

Here are some ways to make the time you need:

  • ~Walk to the grocery store. You’ll do your food shopping and get your exercise at the same time.
  • ~Limit your social media and game time to an hour or two in the evening. You’re likely to have all your chores done by then. This can be your “Me” time.
  • ~Create a prioritized To Do List every day. You won’t waste time wondering what you should do next.

In other words, complete important tasks and let the other jobs go. Combine duties whenever possible.

You’ll be glad you did!

*Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay


Are You Headed to Illness?

Headed to Illness

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.


There’s No Reason to Be Bored!

Woman with Guitar

Are you bored? I hear many people say they don’t know what they’d do, if they retired. They’re afraid they would sit around twiddling their thumbs. If this sounds like you, it probably means you’re expending all your energy at work and none on your personal life.

If you think life is boring, think again. Here are some ways to find activities you’ll love.

  • ~What do you wish you could be doing while you’re at work? Would you rather be going to a movie, cooking a new recipe or gardening? Do it.
  • ~What new activity did you want to try, but never had the time? Now you can take music lessons, learn computer programming or go horseback riding.
  • ~If you still have no idea what to do with your time, look at your town’s event calendar. Most cities have loads of free events you can attend.

Any of these steps will give you a myriad of ways to spend your free time. Don’t wait until you retire. Start now!

You’ll be glad you did!

Motivation Retirement

How Often Do You Bathe?

Motivation Doesn't Last

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – That’s why we recommend it daily.