Are You in a Box?

Are You in a Box?

Have you ever felt boxed in? For example, an employer may expect you to complete limited duties while you want a totally different role in the company. Your mate may want to keep you cleaning and cooking when you would rather do the yard work and let them prepare dinner. Do your friends always expect you to plan outings but you just want to go along for the ride?

Some boxes are made in our own minds. Maybe you always read mysteries because that’s your proclaimed favorite, when you’d like to try historical novels. Do you shun the color pink because you didn’t like it in childhood?

We have the power to break out of those boxes!

Just try the options you’re curious about. Ask if you can move from administrative work to graphic design in your company. Tell your significant other you’re tired of being the maid. Step outside your self-imposed boxes.

Take one step today. You’ll be glad you did!

*Image by bstad from Pixabay

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